Eat better, save money & build mental resilience

2 week challenge

Eat better, save money & build mental resilience

The important part first, how much & when?

Start date: October 10th 2022

Duration: 2 weeks


How much? Pay whatever you can to join! You can choose £0 if you wish, no problem. 


Get help with your nutrition (macros), whether you want to lose weight or maintain or gain muscle. 


Save money on your food shop by browsing our recipes which are fully costed with nutritional information and ingredients lists


They are easy to make and you learn you can eat what you want, just mix the recipes or go and eat what you want, you have complete freedom.


P.S Got social events coming up? We’ll teach you how to handle them guilt-free.


Improve your mindset with weekly expert Q&As, daily podcasts, daily radio and a FB support group (you don’t have to do all of these, you can pick and choose). 


Boost your mood with three live workouts a week designed to release those endorphins and make you feel good for the day.


And you will learn more about budgeting from an expert financial planner once per week. 

There's no beating around the bush here; this winter will be a squeeze. 

We need to do everything we can to get through it, and better times will come. 


If we can fuel our bodies well, bring down our food costs and bullet-proof our mindsets through adversity, imagine what we’ll be capable of during the next boom?

Macros - what's this and how will it help me get leaner and more resilient?

Macros are short for “macronutrients”, and macros contain calories. At Turtle Method, we believe following a macros-based approach is the best way to improve your health. 


By tracking macros, we make sure we’re eating enough protein for satiety, recovery and strength. We make sure you eat enough carbs to fuel your days and workouts and enough fats for hormonal processes and other vital health functions.


We’ve developed a state-of-the-art app that generates your custom macros (and calories) plan with weekly accountability reviews which ensure your targets work for you. 


In this challenge, you’ll get two weeks free access to our app with a daily task and podcast to listen to so you can learn how to use the app to its full potential and build good habits with ease (we never jump right into a huge change, slow and steady).


You’re given a macros plan and the app to track (barcode scanner, food search, recipe builder etc); but that’s not all! 


We’re also giving you a choice of recipes to follow each week, including the total cost breakdown, shopping list and macros. All recipes will be in the app already, so all you have to do is scan the barcode or search and add it in. 


You’ll get 3 meals daily for less than £20 per week (per person). 


You’ll learn how to save money with your weekly food shop by meal prepping and planning. 


You’ll also join a weekly financial wellbeing session that could provide small steps to save big each month. 


By taking ownership of our macros, mindset and money, we’ll improve in many areas big or small, but they will add up. 


Legally, we can’t say that we guarantee you’ll save money and it’s not official financial advice, BUT we will provide you with general information for you to consider further. 



Your mindset will improve in many ways.


1) You’ll free yourself from daily food conflict. No more “good” or “bad” foods; the app and the daily podcasts will unlock your food conflict mindset.


2) You’ll hit 3 workouts a week and feel great by doing this. 


3) You’ll be in control of your macros and money, your mindset will improve, giving you a sense of control. 


4) You’ll be making progress (no matter how small) which impacts a healthy mindset.


5) Weekly mindset chat with expert Dean Leak on negative self-talk, emotional/stress eating and more. 


6) Community support and love – this will do wonders to your mindset and will reset your faith in humanity. 

Recap of what you get:

  • 2 weeks of access to our nutrition and mindset app for your personalised macros plan, weekly accountability review with daily tasks and podcasts to build good habits. 


  • Master recipe guide (meat eaters, veggies & vegans) with price per portion, shopping lists, macros and a barcode scanner to add them to the app with ease. 


  • Weekly financial well-being session with an expert. Learn about the new mortgage changes, debt and budget control. 


  • Daily live morning radio show “turtle radio” from 7.30am to 8.30am. Listen in only, or you can join as a speaker. Come together each morning as a community for accountability and advice. 


  • Join 3 live workouts per week (done on zoom) to boost your fitness and strength. 


  • Join the weekly mindset chat with Dean Leak for advice on how to get through tough times and reduce emotional/stress eating. 

Join now, we start October 10th!

All of the above for what? As little as £4.99 if you wish! 


Does this offer sound too good to be true? Kind of, yes. 


But as a company, we genuinely want to help people in all aspects of their lives. 


Whilst most come to us for fat loss help, they stay for total life development. 


Turtle isn’t a singular person; the phenomenal coaches and community make it what it is. 


Many members say, “it’s the family you never knew you needed”. 


Join us and we’ll help you as much as possible during this tough October. 


Join Now

Minimum price:
£4.99</span >

Challenge timetable (Starts October 10th)

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🤔 FAQs

🤷Do I have to have FB to do this challenge?

Nope. We will send out links to join the workouts and other sessions via email (they are done on zoom)

🤷Will I lose weight on this challenge?

If you hit the macros we set you inside the app you can expect to lose a few pounds of fat. Nothing is guaranteed but this challenge is more about building good habits with our recipes, meal prepping, cost saving and mindset going into this winter.

🤷Why is it only £4.99 minimum?

It's very cheap for the service but we've worked hard as a business in recent years to build technology that can help more people. Could a PT or 1-1 nutritionist do this? No chance, the numbers are too high. We can because we've built a very specific nutrition & mindset app that can handle your nutrition and make tweaks to it (better than a human can) and this enables us to spend more time inside the community speaking and helping you.

🤷How are the workouts delivered?

Live at 6.30 via zoom. You don't need to have your camera on.

🤷What if I can't make anything live?

Everything is recorded and you get lifetime access to these recordings.

🤷I've never done macros before, does this matter?

Nope! You get free access to our app for 2 weeks and you'll start our 14 day masterclass. It's small daily tasks with a 15min podcast. You'll learn from the ground up, one day at a time. It's so easy!

🤷What's the mindset session?

Expert Dean Leak will speak to you over zoom and we'll go into topics such as comparison, emotional eating and how to handle adversity.

🤷I got more questions but can't find the answer?


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