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Francesca Austin

Weight lost:10lbs

I’ve absolutely loved it! I have always struggled to shift my weight due to my type 1 diabetes but eating with macros has made it very easy as I don’t feel like I’m cheating if i have to correct a hypo. The workouts are something to look forwards to every morning and motivate me to get out of bed!

Sophie Highfield

Weight lost:13lbs

After going through a number of extremely difficult personal events Sophie found herself with low confidence, a negative relationship with food and an overall feeling of being lost. Sophie now describes herself as “a whole new person, or maybe I’ve just returned to the person I once was, but now equipped with more knowledge and resilience. LLL has instilled a new way of thinking and being for me, and this has a domino effect on other aspects of your life too; my personal life, business, work and so much more. I’m prepared for today, excited for the future and I’ve let go of the past (I can finally say I’m proud of it, I wouldn’t change a thing). So, LLL team, thank you so much. The gains are more than you know and I can’t wait for the year ahead as part of the turtle crew.”

Amy Finn

Weight lost:12-14lbs

I would highly recommend anyone looking for a boost with their fitness, nutrition and mindset to sign up for the Live Like Louise challenge which starts 8th Feb. In between these two pictures, taken less than 10 weeks apart, I have lost a stone and gained a much better & more disciplined mindset with regards to all aspects of life! Appreciate there’s not a massive physical difference, but for me it’s the start of the lifestyle I always promised myself I’d achieve ‘one day’. Sounds a lot from joining a fitness challenge (and consequently joining the Live Like Louise turtle membership) but it’s so much more than what it sounds to be on paper. I’ve had takeaways, chocolate, alcohol, CHRISTMAS!? and still managed to stay moderate and accountable with the macros plan they offer. I only joined so that I didn’t get bored and eat/drink crazy amounts during the November lockdown, but I’ve 100% found something so valuable and learned a lot more than I expected. Pic 1 is 8th November and pic 2 is 15th January.

Lucy Henderson

Weight lost:17-22lbs

Joining the LLL community in April was the best decision I have ever made. The bonus was the weight loss, my mindset has completely changed - I can genuinely say I am happy! I have made some incredible life long friends and the community is so supportive which has been an unexpected surprise! I can’t thank the LLL team enough for such a life changing experience!

Emily Allen

Weight lost:42lbs

The past year has been life changing as I’ve been able to learn tools to improve my mindset - this has helped me to create better habits and stop eating based on emotions. The LLL community is amazing - we support each other and celebrate successes so you’re never alone. Prioritising my physical and mental health is the best investment in time I’ve ever made and I’m so grateful to all the coaches for their knowledge and care.



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