Platinum Jubilee Bundle

UPDATE: The first version of this deal is now SOLD OUT. We are out of mats and journals.
However, we know a lot of you want the 3-month app access + all our mindset, training and stretching plans.
So we've updated the plan, you can now get everything below for just £29 (£462.95 June 7th)
Her Majesty The Queen is the first British monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee, marking 70 years of service to the people of the United Kingdom, the Realms and the Commonwealth.
So this is a one of a kind event. It probably won't happen again.
And to celebrate this as Turtle, we want to do a one of a kind bundle that we will never do again.
Something that makes a difference in your life and not just something at a discount.
We've been thinking about this bundle for a while, and we cannot think of a better offer.
*(value) at the end of each item represents the price we usually sell for on the website. 
So here’s the bundle (broken down into sections): 
Nutrition & Fat Loss  
  • 3 months of access to our new nutrition & mindset app (value £29.97)
  This app does everything for you. It works out the calories and macros you need to hit your goals. It automatically makes changes to your calories and macros to keep you progressing, has unique built-in tools and does everything MFP does. It’s the only app you’ll need for nutrition and mindset. 
Strength & Muscle Building Workout Plans *Complete these plans in order for best results.
  • A 12-week complete transformation workout plan that you can do from home (value £59) (start with this one)
  • 15 week “road to strength” program - designed by a global strength expert to get you stronger every week. 3 workouts per week around 30-45 minutes. The best program to maximise strength. (value £49) (2nd plan)
  • Ryan's 6 Week Strength Program – Gym Only – [Intermediates] (£49.99) (3rd plan)
  • Zara Mcdermott x Turtle Method 8 Week Training Plan (value £39) (4th plan) 

Flexibility, mobility and breathwork:
  • 34 pilates session bundle (on-demand style) (value £49) 
  • 6-week beginners yoga course (value £49)  
  • 4x breathwork sessions (value £49)

Running Plans
  • Turtle Method 3-1-1 5 week running plan, workouts and seminars (value £49) *brand new*

Pre/Postnatal Plans
  • 9 week pre/post natal workout program designed by expert Emma Downling (Value £39)

Total value £462.95
And you may think we are crazy, but as we know, this is a once in a lifetime event. 
So you get everything mentioned above for just £29
You may be thinking, how can we do an offer this good? Is this a scam?
We've always been very out there with our offers as a company. We want to help as many people as possible, and one of the most impactful things we ever did was offer to "pay what you can" during covid to help over 30,000 people in lockdown with workouts. 
The messages and feedback we had from thousands of people touched us. That's why we want to do this now.
Some of you may be feeling great and want to scoop up a new mat and some new training plans. 
Some of you may be feeling low and overwhelmed with health and fitness, and the entry cost is too high.
For example, one PT session on average is £40. That's a lot for just one session. 
So we want to make it accessible. And for £29, you get lifetime access to the plans. They are yours forever, and the workouts are incredible. You get 3 months of access to our nutrition and mindset app, this is plenty of time to get some serious results. 
All training plans are designed and coached by experts. They are 30-45min long. Done on-demand. It's like having a PT there but from the comfort of your own home.
So here's your chance to get set up for a good while with health and fitness. 
A one-time event deserves a one-time offer. 

Platinum Jubilee Bundle


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