Elevate your
mental health
in 21 days

Just £21 (£1 a day) and get this back if you complete the challenge!
All workouts are at 6.30 am.
Morning audio chats at 7.30 - 8.30 am.
Evening live expert chats at 7 pm.

A brief about this challenge:

  • Daily 15-minute energy-generating workouts followed by a 5-min stretch and 3min journal (6.30am – 6.55 every week day)
  • 21-day access to our new nutrition & mindset app (with help on how to use it with simple daily tasks)
  • Daily “radio” chat – our audio-only chat room opens every morning from 7.30 – 8.30 am – we will discuss a different mental health topic each day learning from eachothers experiences and offering you a place to share and get help. (topics below)
  • Every weekday at 7pm we will be doing a live Q&A and chat with a mindset and mental health expert (with one session talking with Louise about her journey so far)

How will I fit this all in?

All we ask is for 25 minutes every morning to start your day right. We move, we stretch and we journal. 

By giving yourself just 25mins every morning you’ll see a noticeable shift in your approach to each day.

The workouts won’t be hard, they are designed to generate energy and make you feel good.

Time management and consistency is one of the hardest parts for people, so by making it a daily habit to spend 25mins on yourself it makes it far easier than trying to build a habit just a few times a week.

And after the challenge you can do whatever you want with those 25mins in the morning, but we do recommend a move, stretch and journal.

The morning audio room is optional but we do suggest you try and catch up on all evening expert chats. This is the perfect chance to go for a walk and listen to them live or on replay like a podcast.

And the best part is these chats are open to you all, it’s not an expert chatting to 1 person. You can all ask questions live in the chat box or come on as a speaker and chat. We get more scope from experts this way than 1-way monologues on most podcasts these days.

The Workouts

Exercise improves our mental health.

However, most of us try workout plans that are too long and complicated; sometimes, we just need to move a little to get our minds in a better place.

And that’s why we’ve designed short, fun 15min workouts for you to do every morning (or as little as you like).

You’ll do them live with Ryan & Scott, or you can catch up on replay. (you get to keep all the content for life)

Why every morning?

We want to help you build a 15-min morning habit of moving every morning. This is the best way to start your day, and it gives you a positive outlook on the day ahead.

The workouts won’t burn you out, they won’t be too hard, and they are there for fun and movement.

Workouts start at 6.30am every weekday. 

Daily Morning Chats

Daily morning chats (you can drop in/out of).

These start at 7.30am every weekday and finish at 8.30am. 

Daily evening mindset expert chat and Q&A

Every weekday evening, we will chat with a mindset expert, from psychologists to mental health nurses to counsellors and elite performance trainers.

The format is the same as in the mornings; you’ll listen in to the audio chat, which you can join as a speaker to chat or use the chatbox to ask questions.

Get out on an evening walk and soak in all the knowledge from these wonderful people.

These sessions will start at 7pm every weekday evening. 

Here’s the experts and the topics.


Freeing the mind from daily food conflict is a big part of feeling “free” and less anxious.

Many of our members come from a history of doing diet after diet.

Diet culture conditioning is intense, and for us to break free from this, we need to see nutrition as a fun experiment.

You get to eat whatever foods you want with the Turtle Method.

The app will calculate the exact macros (protein, carbs and fats) you need to eat daily to lose fat, maintain or gain.

You can eat more or less daily, and the app will auto-adjust. After every week, you’ll complete a check-in inside the app to review your targets and data.

The app will auto-adjust your targets if progress isn’t made, and you don’t have to be perfect.

See it as a game of Tetris; eat the foods you like and see how close you are to your targets.

Make slight adjustments over time.

You get 3 week access to the app included in this challenge.

Included: meal prep video guides for high-protein, easy-to-cook meals.

Mindset & Journaling

Inside the app, we have a daily diary that you fill out every morning and evening.

This helps us track your sleep, stress, emotions, productivity, physical health and more.

We will then show you how you can see patterns between your diary data, weight, nutrition and so forth.

You become your own scientists, and we’re never judging our data!

How to get your £21 back

You don’t have to do everything, but we highly suggest building the 15-minute workouts to your morning every weekday.

Follow that with a stretch and diary entry, and you’ll feel 10x better.

And if you get the time, listen to the expert chats daily to feed your mind with the information it needs.

Not the news, not gossip, not drama.

Info from experts to help you live.

A lot can happen in 21 days, and if you use the app daily for 21 days, this entire thing is free.

What an incentive; we know we can help many of you change your direction in life in just three weeks, and we want to reward that.

So all we want you to do to get your £21 back is to track your food in the app and use the daily journal. At the end of the challenge you can screenshot the tab that will show your day streak and once we have that proof we will refund the £21.

One of the most powerful things we can do is become self-aware and observe without any judgement. Become your own scientist and see how things start changing.

The challenge starts August 8th

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🤔 FAQs

🤷 How much is it?

Just £1 a day, £21 in total. You get your £21 back if you track for 21 days.

🤷 Sounds like a lot, will this help?

We ask for just 25 minutes every morning and that you go for walks and listen to the expert chats. Do this and your mindset will start to change. The app will only take about 5 minutes a day from your time. Check your screentime and you'll see how much time we truly waste. Let's put it to good use.

🤷 Are the workouts beginner friendly?

Yes! For all levels and they are designed for a mental boost so they will be short and fun.

🤷 Do I need equipment for the workouts?

No you can do it without anything as we will offer alternatives but if you want to make the most of them its best to have some light dumbbells, a long rubber resistance band and a short band.

🤷 What if I miss a day?

That's ok, just get into the next day. This is to help you, not to pressure you. Whilst it would be amazing to build the habit of daily movement, stretching and journaling some times it won't be possible. Do what you can for 3 weeks and you'll build momentum.

🤷 I want to lose weight, will this help?

Certainly. We won't be pushing anyone into extreme fat loss, it's a slow process. In 21 days you can build habits and start on the right path. The mindset shift in 21 days can incredible and if you do want to lose weight, we help you do that in the right way too. It all starts with the mind

🤷 I don't want to lose weight, is this for me?

Yes! Inside the app you can chose maintenance or muscle building as your goals and use the app to bring awareness to your nutrition and mindset.

🤷 What happens after I sign up?

You'll get an email to confirm your purchase and a link to join a private FB group. You don't need FB but we build the community there but we will also email out all information.

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