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Embrace Serenity:

Turtle Method's Tranquil Weekend Retreat 2023

Reconnect, Revitalise, and Rediscover Balance at Fforest this September

September 29th to October 1st
Arrival anytime after 2pm on September 29th.

Depature 12-3pm October 1st (depending how long you wish to stay)

Current availability:

Deposit needed to secure your spot (*total price to pay is in brackets).

Fforest Farm Dome (£350)

Onsen Dome (£360)

Kata Cabin (£250)

Bell Tent (£200)

We have very limited slots left for the domes and kata cabins.

The price you pay includes your accommodation, catering for the entire weekend and the activities.

If you’re interested, you can secure a spot by paying a £50 deposit below.

Once paid, we will be in touch to go over the details with you and help you pick an option that’s most suitable for you.

We can hop on a call if that’s easier.

Overall, we’re at roughly 80% capacity as of July 31st, 2023.

If you have any questions, please email scott@turtlemethod.com

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Secure your spot

Some feedback from our last event!

Incredible, unforgettable and the best life experience

New experiences, putting yourself out of your comfort zone

Crazy weekend with like minded people in a fabulous location

An unforgettable weekend with old and new friends

A community coming together to share experiences in a beautiful setting in Wales

Something that you really want to be apart of. Fun, friendly and something for everyone. A community that accepts you for you and is so inclusive.

A wellness retreat like no other. Lots of activities to do set in a beautiful area of Wales. Meeting virtual turtles and coaches in the real world to get to know pne another better and enjoy each others company.

Epic, beautiful and inspiring ❤️

A weekend to switch off from the madness of normal day to day life and stresses and be immersed in laughter, love and support. To try new things and make amazing friends.

Past Turtle Events

Our events are magic. An insight into what our community is really like. Full of love and support for another.

Secure your spot

Frequently Asked Questions

Your accommodation, catering for the entire weekend and all activities. There is a pub on-site and drinks there are not covered in the cost.

It’s best to drive as it’s not close to a main train station. For people that are driving, we will check if there are empty spaces and help match you with empty spaces.

You can get a train, and the station to get off at is Port Talbot Parkway. We will have a shuttle service from here to Fforest.

You’ll have your own bed and will be sharing with others in your accommodation. Some options are two beds in a room, others like the Kata cabins are 5 beds in the cabin. Either way, you’ll have your own bed, and we will ensure you meet your roomies on Zoom before Fforest!

Yes! Many people came alone last time and met other Turtle members for the first time. We will make sure when you arrive that you’re given a name tag and introduced to people. We never want anyone to feel excluded so our coaches will be there to make sure this doesn’t happen. Whilst it’s quite daunting sometimes to go somewhere alone and to meet new people, once you’re settled and introduced you’ll be glad you got through the fear!

Every morning, you’ll start the day off with Yoga. At lunchtime, we’re hosting 30-min Pilates classes. Through the day on Saturday, we’re hosting a couple of transformational personal development sessions with former Team GB mindset coach Dean Leak and founder of award-winning bag company Beaudurof, Jacqui Gilbert. We have other guests coming for the weekend, so you can pick and choose what to do.

All the events and activities will be confirmed closer to the date.

Each night we will have live music, DJs playing and evening entertainment.

Expect a relaxing but energising weekend. You can make it what you wish. A nice relaxation and meeting new people in a magical Fforest in Wales or a weekend to push your boundaries and take advantage of the sessions with Dean & Jacqui and get involved in Yoga, Pilates and other workouts.

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