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Meet the team


Louise Thompson

Women’s Health Cover x2

Helped 1000s of women lead healthier lives

Ryan Libbey


Head trainer

10+ years as a Trainer

Sponsored Athlete, Bsc Hons Sports Nutrition & Biomed

Reps Qualified Level 3

PT Off & Online

Scott Flear


  • 12 years in the fitness/sports industry
  • Pn1 nutrition & behaviour coach
  • Founder of Rugby Warfare – a rugby lifestyle and performance company working with coaches & professional athletes

Coaches & Experts

Janine May

Experienced running top-tier fitness classes in London

PT & Class instructor

Annie Baines

Yoga & Pilates instructor

Experienced running private and group classes in across London and retreats abroad 

Jo Michaels

Award-winning PT & Fitness Class Instructor

Dance class specialist

Dean Leak

Dean is a performance coach, consultant and advisor with 15+ years supporting Olympic athletes and leaders, professionals and global companies

Ryan Williams

BSc Mental Health Nursing (first class) 

INP nurse prescriber 

DBT group therapist

ADHD specialist

Frequent Guest Experts & Coaches

Carrie Baxter

PT & Fitness class instructor

Experience running top-tier classes in London & Online